Join our team!

Would you like to join our team?!
We are recruiting!

We have opportunities for evening outreach and daytime support work, if you are interested and would like to find out more please email (and spread the word!)

Closing date is November 30th 2018.


We have some VERY exciting news!!

Restore has been gifted a new outreach van from The Jericho Road Project in Nottingham

This will enable us to provide a safe space for the women during our outreach work and help us to be more recognisable.

We are so excited about this new adventure and feel it is going to be a great step forward in our work. Thank you very much to Jericho Road! 



Meet the Team! - Josie

Hello, I'm Josie Restore's Project Leader.
I started working for Restore in January this year, after three years as a volunteer, and its been an amazing adventure so far!

When I first began my journey with Restore, I was passionate about supporting the women and helping them to recognise their worth and identity as a daughter of God, but during my time I have been overwhelmed with how much the women have taught me about unconditional love and loyalty.

One of the main things that has stood out to me while working for Restore is how unique and individual each women's story is. No two stories are the same, and I love listening and getting to know each one so personally, in order that we can adapt the support we offer them to best suit their needs. I have found it surprisingly easy to relate to these women, as I have sat and listened to their testimonies of how or why someone has ended up working within the sex industry, and it is such a valuable reminder that any of us can become vulnerable under difficult circumstances.

There is not one "type" of women that gets caught up in this world, it can happen to anyone, whether it is a relationship breakdown, financial strain, addictions, or low self esteem, and so I urge you to join us in continually challenging the stereotypes that the media feeds us, and lift the shame which can be placed upon these beautiful women.

Thank you for your support for this Project, I would be so grateful for your prayers that I continue to lead this project with integrity, wisdom and love, striving to continually seek the Father's heart in all that we do.
Josie x

Meet the Team! - Emma

I am very excited to introduce you to our longest serving volunteer, the wonderful Emma. Emma has served Restore with such love and dedication for many years and is a very valuable part of the volunteer team.

"Hi Everyone. I'm Emma, one of the Restore volunteers. I can't actually remember how long I've been volunteering with Restore, but I think it could be about 7 years. As I work full time, my role with Restore has mainly been part of the Thursday evening outreach team, and Lexie and Lianne have already given you an idea of what's involved.

When people hear about the volunteering I do, one of their first questions is usually around how successful we are at helping women to exit prostitution. If we purely looked at the proportion of women who've exited as a result of Restore over the time I've been volunteering, the percentage would probably be lower than you'd expect. This is mainly because the cycle of drug addictions is immensely powerful. However, if you asked how many women we've shown love, kindness, care, support, practical help, etc. to since I've been with Restore the number would be over 100. Given these women's lives are full of people who want to abuse and take from them, giving food, drink, a listening ear and an encouraging word is a ray of light in what is a very dark evening. And if one of those women were my Mother, Daughter or Sister I would desperately want someone to show them this love and care.

So, I urge you to pray for Restore, that God will continue to use us to share his love with these women and, by his grace, use Restore to reveal himself to them.

Thank you for all your support!
Emma xx"

Meet the Team! - Lianne

I would love to introduce you to.. our wonderful volunteer Lianne!

"I started volunteering with Restore around 4 years ago, initially going out on the Thursday evening out reach. I remember being really nervous the first few times worrying what kind of reception we would receive from the women and how I might struggle to hold conversations with people whose lives seem so far removed from my own. It only took a couple of weeks for my confidence to build and actually realise that most of the ladies were really chatty and loved talking about their lives, sharing problems that may not be like my own, but also lots of things that I could relate to on some levels. It didn't take long for the ladies to begin to recognise my car and actually wave us down so that we could stop and catch up and have a good natter, even sharing their bags of chips that were laced with salt and ketchup! It was quite humbling to be welcomed into their lives, sharing in the ups and downs and daily struggles that they faced.
Over time I began to help with the befriending side of Restore, one lady in particular, who wasn't a prostitute, but was fleeing domestic violence. We helped her move into a refuge and began visiting on a regular basis. We supported her over the next few years, becoming great friends and getting to know her child really well. I have no doubt that without the help of Restore this lady would not have got out of her situation and that her child would have been removed from her due to the high safe guarding issues that would have surrounded them.
I am currently on maternity leave, but cannot wait to begin out reach again. It takes time to get to know some of the girls, and in fact it's not uncommon to only see them once or twice, I encourage our supporters to continue to pray for the volunteers, that we find favour with the women, so that we can speak words of encouragement and truth into their lives. Quite often we may only be one of the few people who have the opportunity to be a positive and spiritual influence in their lives!

Can you help?

We need some fundraisers! Would you be willing to organise and run a fundraising event for us? It may just be a one off event like a cake sale, a sponsored silence or if you are adventurous.. maybe even a charity sky dive?! We would love to have a few people to support the work we do and raise awareness on the way.

Please contact us if you are interested in getting involved!

Meet the Team! - Lexie

Please say hello to....the lovely Lexie

Hi my name is Lexie. I started volunteering with Restore almost 3 years ago. My husband Rob & my two children and I relocated from Hertfordshire where I was volunteering for a charity doing the same sort of work & I wanted to continue this in Derby.

I really enjoy evening outreach. It is a wonderful time where as a team we pray together & seek the Lord. We talk to the women who are out, offering hot drinks and snacks. It's great to hear about their week & ways in which we can support & help. There is often a funny story to hear 😀 It surprises me sometimes how much we have to talk about and how much we have in common. Before volunteering I would have felt awkward knowing what to talk about on outreach (even though people who know my would say I can talk for England 😂) What would the women think of my slightly posh accent & middle class lifestyle... how could I talk about my week as a fortunate housewife who didn't need to work, in comparison to their lives of hardship. I quickly realised that these were my own imposed barriers & there is a lot of shared common ground & so much to talk about! The women are great with such wonderful personalities and characters.

I love volunteering for Restore and if anyone else would like to know more please message me! There is so much more I could say!