Meet the Team! - Josie

Hello, I'm Josie Restore's Project Leader.
I started working for Restore in January this year, after three years as a volunteer, and its been an amazing adventure so far!

When I first began my journey with Restore, I was passionate about supporting the women and helping them to recognise their worth and identity as a daughter of God, but during my time I have been overwhelmed with how much the women have taught me about unconditional love and loyalty.

One of the main things that has stood out to me while working for Restore is how unique and individual each women's story is. No two stories are the same, and I love listening and getting to know each one so personally, in order that we can adapt the support we offer them to best suit their needs. I have found it surprisingly easy to relate to these women, as I have sat and listened to their testimonies of how or why someone has ended up working within the sex industry, and it is such a valuable reminder that any of us can become vulnerable under difficult circumstances.

There is not one "type" of women that gets caught up in this world, it can happen to anyone, whether it is a relationship breakdown, financial strain, addictions, or low self esteem, and so I urge you to join us in continually challenging the stereotypes that the media feeds us, and lift the shame which can be placed upon these beautiful women.

Thank you for your support for this Project, I would be so grateful for your prayers that I continue to lead this project with integrity, wisdom and love, striving to continually seek the Father's heart in all that we do.
Josie x