Meet the Team! - Lexie

Please say hello to....the lovely Lexie

Hi my name is Lexie. I started volunteering with Restore almost 3 years ago. My husband Rob & my two children and I relocated from Hertfordshire where I was volunteering for a charity doing the same sort of work & I wanted to continue this in Derby.

I really enjoy evening outreach. It is a wonderful time where as a team we pray together & seek the Lord. We talk to the women who are out, offering hot drinks and snacks. It's great to hear about their week & ways in which we can support & help. There is often a funny story to hear 😀 It surprises me sometimes how much we have to talk about and how much we have in common. Before volunteering I would have felt awkward knowing what to talk about on outreach (even though people who know my would say I can talk for England 😂) What would the women think of my slightly posh accent & middle class lifestyle... how could I talk about my week as a fortunate housewife who didn't need to work, in comparison to their lives of hardship. I quickly realised that these were my own imposed barriers & there is a lot of shared common ground & so much to talk about! The women are great with such wonderful personalities and characters.

I love volunteering for Restore and if anyone else would like to know more please message me! There is so much more I could say!